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Trending Birthday party themes- trends in 2020:

Trending Birthday party themes

A birthday is for sure the most awaited moment of not just the birthday boy/girl but also for their beloved ones who are even more excited to celebrate.

With every passing year, it is becoming very complicated to do something out of the box and establish a new trend for the best birthday party themes. Here we are about to present to you the most trending themes for a birthday party in 2020 to help you get an idea about the latest trends and think something relatable or unique for someone special in your life. 

  • For kids: Sometimes it is quite simple to make the kids happy but sometimes it takes a hell of a lot of hard work to make it up for them. Here are some themes you can work with to plan a surprise birthday party for your baby boy/girl:
  • Movie in the night party
  • Circus party

  • Cartoon character theme-based party
  • Fairy tale birthday party
  • Zoo theme party
  • SuperHeroes theme birthday party
  • Ninja Party
  • Pyjama party
  • For teenagers: Teenagers seek freedom and acceptance at their age and all they want is a happening and a lively birthday bash with thousands of selfies to click and post. Below are some trending themes for the birthday bash for teenagers:
  • Halloween birthday party
  • Pool Party
  • DJ night
  • Emojis-Themed birthday party
  • Social media theme-based party
  • Vampire theme birthday party

  • For adults: Why not adults have some fun and nostalgic moments on their birthdays!!
  • The retro theme
  • The Bollywood theme
  • Back to School theme
  • The Cocktail theme
  • Fancy dress theme

We hope that you find the best suitable themes for the birthday party of your beloved ones and celebrate together.