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Wedding Planning & Honeymoon Planning during Covid-19:

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With the outbreak of the Corona Virus and global pandemic affecting the life of every single individual and species out there, there is a lot to learn from this situation. Health and safety is a major concern for people now. Our Government and now everyone is taking good care of their hygiene and surroundings. People have started giving importance to family over money and have learned to adjust in less. This period of lockdown has been a great experience like a pause to the race we all were running without giving it a thought. A lot of couples have postponed their wedding due to this pandemic. But there are some of them who have already booked the wedding venues and done their wedding planning for everything. It is near to impossible for them to delay the wedding dates and thus they have to do it anyway.

Here we would like to help you out with the wedding planning process so that you don’t miss out on anything important. Not just the wedding we will be helping you out with the post-wedding stuff. You need to ensure the safety of everyone around you during the wedding ceremonies. Along with this you can also make the biggest day of your life to be mesmerizing. So let’s get started:

Pre Wedding Planning Tips

  • If your wedding venue is located in the containment zone, kindly change it on priority and look out for areas with least or no infection.
  • Whenever you go out for wedding shopping, make sure you are wearing masks and keep a sanitizer handy.
  • Do not eat or drink anything outside, keep your snacks and water bottle ready or wait till you reach back home.
  • Take a shower as soon as you return back home and don’t touch anything else before the shower.
  • Follow the norms of social distancing and avoid any physical contact.
  • Your wedding venue must be located in a hygienic environment with proper lighting and air ventilation.
  • Keep your food menu to be light, fresh and healthy prepared under hygienic conditions and healthy staff.
  • Send e-invitation to your guests and keep your guest list to be small as only 50 guest are allowed to attend a wedding ceremony.
  • For the brides and the grooms, if you are going to a salon, make sure the staff is wearing masks and gloves, also be sure that they are using hygienic equipment and products on you.
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During Wedding Ceremonies Planning Tips

Once you are done with the wedding venue and wedding dates, it’s time to be extra careful and take all necessary precautions for the safety concern. You can still live a dream wedding with limited people and resources, all you need is a great planning and good execution.

  • Your wedding venue must have sanitization facilities at frequent places. 
  • The wedding venue must be sanitized well before and after the ceremonies.
  • There should be no contact servicing and physical contact must be avoided as much as possible.
  • All the guests must wear masks to ensure the safety of everyone around them.
  • Old age people above 65 years of age and children below 10 years of age and pregnant women must not be allowed to attend the wedding.

Keep these tips in mind and wish you all the best for your marriage ceremonies.

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Post Wedding Planning Tips

Honeymoon planning

Congratulations, you have successfully made it! With the new beginning of your life as a married couple, you are loaded with new responsibilities to handle. But you can do it all if done together with patience and care.

If you have already booked your honeymoon destination, you can talk to your travel agent so as to cancel the booking and make the refunds. With over 200 countries being affected due to Covid-19, it is very risky to travel abroad for any purpose.

Keep your honeymoon travel on hold until the situation gets better and enjoy your partner’s company at home. Cook together, learn together, live together and know each other better.

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With this, we would take your leave and thank you for being a patient reader. We would like to wish you all the happiness and good luck. 

Stay Safe! Stay Happy!