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Trending Table Decoration Ideas for a Wedding


You’ve booked your home , reserved the tables and chairs, and now comes the difficult part: filtering through the just about infinite supply of wedding table decorations to make your unique look. albeit you hired a marriage planner specifically to handle logistical specifics, you are not freed from responsibility just yet. There’s also the important task of nailing down your exclusive wedding vibe, vision, and budget, before moving on to the décor.

And, to form your décor planning a touch easier, we’ve gathered 21 best wedding table decorations ideas to suit every theme. These picks make creating the perfect table setting fun, from floral setting and using foliage to fairy lights and OTT wedding centrepieces. Colours, mediums, and other elements are often mixed and matched to make stunning wedding table designs that are uniquely yours.

Trending Long Table Decoration Ideas for a Wedding

Traditionally, small dinner tables are the thing at Indian weddings, long tables, however, not only look super chic but even have quite few advantages over the normal small tables. they seem to be a wedding staple that creates grouping guests easy. Rectangular arrangements allow a more familial feel while still looking incredibly romantic. Using long, rectangular banquet tables rather than , or additionally to, traditional round tables may be a perfect thanks to add some edge to your reception décor. it is also an excellent option if you’re planning an outsized wedding with tons of guests, or a smaller wedding with a robust family feel.

Smaller weddings can use long table setting to carry guests together, whereas larger weddings can make the foremost of their space by fixing rows round the venue. an extended head table may be a big-day favourite at wedding receptions, albeit you are not completely dedicated to banquet-style seating. This method will assist you economize on table runners and centrepieces because you’d need less of them. Long tables often stand out from the quality as compared to round tables. Furthermore, you’ll be ready to connect with more people. Wondering what they ought to look like? Here’s a group of stunning Long Wedding Table décor ideas for you!

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Best Wedding Table Decoration Ideas – Round Ones!

Indian weddings are traditionally beautiful and lots of folks aren’t too sure if we might want to mess with the essence of it. For those of you who wanna keep it traditional, round tables are your thing. Most wedding planners recommend employing a table of 60-72 inches for they’re more spacious than others. These tables can accommodate no quite three to seven people. However, they provide you ample space to allow you to get all creative at your wedding decorations and make them look gorgeous. Round tables are ideal for an intimate wedding setting but can work quite well even at large weddings when utilized in multiple numbers.

To be honest, we invite tons of guests to our Indian weddings and not everyone wants to possess dinner with everyone. A round table setting at your wedding will let your guests meet and greet one another but still have the space that they need . Having said that, once we say round table decor, we do not mean those flashy satin linens in simple colours like pink and white. Your round tables are often decorated with roses, beautiful centrepieces, and, of course, beautiful linen. All you’ve got to try to to now’s confirm it matches the remainder of your furniture.

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