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Trending Cocktail Eye Makeup Ideas For Brides


For a to-be bride, there are many important things that she has got to take under consideration before her big day but there’s absolutely little question that bridal makeup and outfits make it to the highest of the list. While it’s still easier to align your outfits for your wedding functions, finalising your makeup are often a true task especially for a function sort of a sangeet or cocktail when the choices are numerous . that’s why to ease it up for you, we’ve come up with some amazing and best eye makeup options for your cocktail or sangeet function. These eye makeup colours are trendy, chic then pretty that you simply cannot resist them!

Scroll below to urge a peek at your options and thank us later!

1. Smokey Eye Cocktail Makeup


If you’re planning on truly making a press release on your cocktail function, we recommend choosing smokey eye cocktail makeup. Not only will your makeup pop but your overall search for the evening will automatically amp up. However, we recommend this eye makeup just for brides with big eyes. For the brides who have smaller eyes, we’ve some amazing options for you ladies too!

2. Nude Cocktail Eye Makeup


For you subtle and stylish brides, we’ve found such nice eye makeup options especially the nude ones. Nude cocktail eye makeup is that the most subtle one which merges well with the bridal outfit. this sort of makeup also works well with brides who have small eyes. Scroll below and inspect these amazing nude eye makeup options!

3. Metallic Blue & Green Eye Makeup


Another great option that’s both loud and statement-making has got to be metallic eyes and nowadays the 2 colours which are truly trending during this category are blue and green. We love how bold this eye makeup is and you ladies should accompany it if you’re donning something dark-colored on your cocktail function!

4. Pink Eye Cocktail Makeup


Just as the color pink is popular once we mention Indian silhouettes, similarly the color pink is legendary for eye makeup. that’s why we’ve hunted and located some amazing pink eye makeup options which are absolutely beautiful for your cocktail function. These are the proper amount of glam and can also assist you make a press release without being too loud.

5. Shimmer Eye Makeup


There is literally no woman out there who won’t be a lover of shimmery eyes. Shimmer eye makeup is that the perfect makeup to choose whether you’re going with a grand outfit or a light-weight one for your cocktail function. Either way, this eye makeup will amp up your look and assist you achieve your dream bridal look!