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Safa trend for weddings!

The best Safa design trends we’ve spotted recently, along with some classics that will never go out of style.

Floral Kota Safas

We love them on not only grooms but also as safas for baratis and the bride’s family & friends. The ultimate floral pagri design? In pastel shades, worn at a day wedding!

Batik Print (inspired by Gujarati Patola)

The Quirk Box designed a quirky geometric print wedding pagri for baratis, that the Bachhans wore to a wedding.

Colourful Leheriya Safas

Leheriya fabrics usually come in bright hues and you can easily use them to add a pop of colour to a dull outfit.

Twisted Cotton Wedding Safa

Plain twisted cotton safa with a dual tone twist can really embrace the look of the groom.

Multicoloured Tie & Dye Fabric Safa for Barati

Rajasthani tie and dye safa can add color to the look of the groom or baratis and add pop color to the occasion.