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Most beautiful Anklets & Payal Designs for an Indian Bride-to-be:

gold payal designs

We all know very well that an Indian bride has to get ready while keeping in mind the adornments of Solah Shringar, out of which, Anklets or Payal are a very important adornment to be worn by an Indian bride.

Along with Bangles, mang tikka, earrings, and necklaces, Anklets or Payal (traditionally known as Pajeb) is another important accessory for almost every Indian bride. These traditional foot ornaments have a traditional aesthetic value and are an integral part of the 16 magnificent ornaments (Solah Shringar). 

Besides the traditional importance, these anklets look really nice when paired with sarees, denim, suits or any western outfit. To be very frank, they increase the beauty quotient of a lady who is wearing the anklets. The voice made by pearls of the anklets is something that is not annoying or to is avoided, rather it provides a soothing sound to most people.

As always, we are ready to help you out in choosing the best anklet design that represents your personality and enhances your appearance and adds to your looks.

We present to you the most trending and appealing Payal or anklet designs in 2019 to help you choose the best among the rest and get ready to look the most adorable and beautiful bride ever and becoming the star of everyone’s eyes around you.

Glittering Gold Anklets: Embrace these anklets to glow like gold.

Stylish Silver Anklets: Look stunning with these super amazing silver Payal designs.

Kundan Anklets: Get ready to rule the world with these Kundan pearls anklets

Simple yet elegant anklets: You can avoid those tacky designs by looking at these stylish anklets.

Choose the best and have a happy wedding!