Self-Care Tips


Breakfast is the first meal of the day and should be eaten on time. If not eaten on time it can bring many diseases as well, many people skip their breakfast and think they would lose weight or don’t care about eating the breakfast they don’t have knowledge about how important is breakfast to have. Breakfast should not be ignored, breakfast should be eaten within two to three hours of waking up.

Breakfast word is itself made from two words break the fast as you fast in the night till 8-9 hours depending on the last meal you had but you have to break that fast if you have the breakfast even late it will create acid in your stomach and it will create more acid levels in your body and may also create many diseases in future like blood pressure, heart attack, fatty liver and many more, some people even don’t have their breakfast and call it intermediate fasting any diet in which you cant eat food is not good for you it may lose some pounds but it’s never good for your own body it will create diseases sooner or later but it will. Breakfast should be nutritious and healthy, add cucumber and papayas for daily nutrition.

One should never miss breakfast, people sometimes have lite breakfast and heavy dinner which is very wrong the breakfast should heavy and it should consist mostly of the calories you consume in a day and lunch should litter than breakfast and the dinner should be the lightest. If you don’t like having breakfast have it in two meals one after you wake up and next one hour later, first have some fruits and then have some bread or paratha. Breakfast gives your energy the whole day to work, you can’t miss breakfast at any cost. You can have a bowl of porridge, fruits, tea, and butter bread but you have to stuff yourself something. and yes you must drink milk with it, some people don’t like milk, kids should not eat junk food in breakfast as well or old stale food of the night,

eating breakfast isn’t only the requirement healthy breakfast is the priority. drinking milk but milk is also very important for bones it gives you calcium and fills your stomach very fast, especially for kids, kids should never miss breakfast as breakfast is very important for them on their age as they are very active and they need to play and study all day which requires energy or they may become malnourished, they must eat everything and on time. They should never miss anything as if they didn’t have now their bones will get weak, to make them strong its parents’ responsibility to take of their child’s breakfast lunch and dinner has to be full of nutrition and no fast food it must be fresh as well.

Speaking of Adult nutrition breakfast is as important as in kids also, as adults have to do so much work and balance their study as well, they have to take care of their health but they do not have any time so they can’t focus on there health and miss breakfast often one should never miss breakfast they will not notice that if they don’t have breakfast, they can’t concentrate on work and study without having food, they may also create many diseases sooner or later in their life.