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How to live a happy married life?

happy married life

Marriage is not just some another bond, it is a special bond that is not connected by blood but rather by trust, love, care, and compassion.

Two people who belong to different families, sometimes different religions and cultures decide to take vows of a wedding ceremony to promise each other to stay together during each up and down of life.

However, marriage is not always successful as it seems in the beginning, as soon as both of them start realizing and understanding each other, some of them figure out that it’s not working anymore.

Happy Married Life

But with some precautions and being careful when required, a couple can make it last forever and live a truly happy married life, no matter what comes in their way.

Although it is a must to know that it is not a one-way process, both of them need to be mature enough to handle each other’s insecurities and messed behavior and to understand them when they fail to do the same.

Here are some key points to keep in mind to have a healthy and prosperous marriage relationship:

  • Consent is mandatory:  Whenever you are taking some decision, small or big, or doing something that involves you, you must make sure that your better half knows about it and even agrees to your decision and if they don’t, try convincing them with facts and figures.
  • Happiness is the Key: Whether it is your first day of marriage or years after you have tied the knots, your happiness will surely bring peace and harmony to your relationship and you should take care of little things and actions that could make your partner feel overwhelmed and happier.
  • Time never comes back: This is extremely important to note that time once passed never comes back and hence you cannot keep your important conversations postponing, your quality time should not be taken for granted by anyone of you and regular talks and discussions help you feel heard and validated.
  • Conflicts are normal: At some or the other point of time, you will face a situation when both of you don’t agree on something and have different opinions and trust me, that is absolutely normal and you need to consider that as an opportunity to learn and not fight with each other over that thing.
  • Accept and Validate: This is a proven fact that a human soul craves for acceptance and validation and what could be better than getting everything you need from the love of your life!
  • Don’t let that spark fade: A couple is not connected just with love but with affection, romance and small efforts like a date, a walk, a movie or something like that which helps you to keep the freshness of the relationship alive and stronger.
  • Set them Free: It is very important not to control and bound your partner as it seems like a lack of trust and looks like a possession. Care is a must but doesn’t over care!

I hope these little efforts would help you to live a happier married life and create moments to be cherished forever!!