Self-Care Tips

How to keep yourself energetic whole day

If we talk about pre-independence time of India the routine of normal people was very simple they weren’t materialistic they only wanted happy family and healthy food. Their morning used to start from early 5 to night 7p.m they used to eat their food at 7 p.m. by which their food got digested very easily. They worked all day and didn’t rally on machines ever they used to walk every where there were not auto, rishaw or cab , unlike now, that’s why they used to stay fit and active and that is why they were not lazy and fat they were self sufficient,

they also used to live in big families in village near the forest and nature ,they used to eat fresh milk fresh fruits fresh vegetables, there was no adulteration in food. They made their food with their own hands and never had anything frozen or junk food. They used to drink wells water, they didn’t had any disease like diabetes or BP as they had so much work and they used to stay busy all day , that is why they stayed fit and energetic if we also want to stay energetic and fit we also have to take these steps and eat proper food and avoid frozen and junk food and stay busy all day , exercising ,mediating , yoga and sleep and eat on time, take care of our health, stay strong in every situation, stay hydrated are some tips to stay active and energies all day.

They had 100 percent energy level and we don’t even have 20 percent of it they used to be tall and fit because they worked very hard all day and night, we also have to do this be busy in our work have a healthy routine take as less as medicines and rally on Ayurveda than allopathy, as allopathy is man made it is not more natural. They used to die at 80-90 age but now this decreased to age 60 in coming 20 years it can decrease to 50 or may be 40 than medicines also would stop working to avoid that scenario one must start taking their health seriously now.