Self-Care Tips

How to keep your hairs long and strong

hairs are play a vital role in our looks , freezy and dry hairs destroys the whole look even the dress is nice , makeup is nice yet hairs are not good it will destroy the whole look and that can became very awful at times even embarassing. It may happen because of many reasons may be stress , irregular diet,messed routine , not resting enough ,not washing hairs enoguh, not taking care of it , not taking necessary steps, laziness and carelessness towards hair health are main cause of frizzy and dry hairs which also leads to serious problems if not taken care in time like baldness ,dandruff, lice , scalp infection,hairfall etc.

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to keep hair long and strong you need to take care of only three things which are-

stop taking stress-

stress can cause hair fall, hair damage and can even cause baldness, in older age stress is the main reason for baldness. taking minimal stress and trying yoga and meditation are some steps to control and take professional help can be a good option for stopping stress.

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oil your hairs at least once or twice a week to nourish your scalp and hairs to remove dryness in hairs , which will also make them strong and long and let it keep away from lice and other infections, coconut oil is the best for oiling on hairs as it is very light , it doesn’t feel heavy on hairs.

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say no to chemical product-

say no to chemical shampoos , chemicals conditioners ,chemical based bleach and color , stop doing hair treatments as much as possible as it makes our hairs dry and increases hair fall our hairs should stay in their normal form to stay in a healthy form.

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