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Having problem’s in sleep? Here’s how you can get better sleep

Sleep is a one thing we all need, we stay cracky upset and irritated if we don’t sleep well, which is why sleeping is very important for us , but sometimes after wanting so much to sleep we still tend to wake at night, today I’m going to solve this problem and tell you how you can solve this problem and get better sleep everyday.

let us get started,

Drink milk before sleeping at night-

Drink hot glass of milk before sleeping every night to get better and good sleep, you can add turmeric, dates, anjir, almonds, cashew & safron in milk and drink hot, it will give you warmth in winters as well and give you very very good sleep.

Take a good head massage-

Take a good hair massage to relax your brain cells,you can even use coconut oil, as coconut oil will help your scalp and hairs to Reguvinate and repair. It will bring shine to your hairs and relaxation in your head. Try this daily and get a baby sleep.

Drink green tea before sleeping-

Green tea is famous for it’s metabolic property but it is unknown that green tea really helps in better sleep as well. Drink green tea before sleeping and get a baby sleep like you never had.

Don’t sleep empty stomach-

Do not sleep empty stomach, this is such a unknown fact but very important at the same time that sleeping empty stomach keeps you wake so fool your stomach with good and nutritional food.

(Dont take stress at all solve all those problems which makes you wake) meditate before sleeping-

By taking stress and thinking about a problem will only make the problem bigger even more, instead solve the problem, speak about it, listen to your heart, heart never lies, do what your heart says don’t hesitate at all and never overthink. Still if you suffer from stress then try meditation before sleeping, try chanting om, or listen to meditation videos to relax your mind.

Prayer/worship/chanting om-

Try worshiping and praying before sleeping or chant om this will really help in you sleeping and give relaxation to your body and mind.

wear comfortable clothing and sleep in comfortable environment-

this is very obvious but very important point that don’t sleep with wearing jeans or tight fighting cloths, wear light clothes in summers and warm clothes In winters, if you do not then you may face disturbed sleep, so wear comfortable clothing and sleep in comfortable environment.