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Ganpati Decoration Ideas 2020

ganpati decorations with candles

Every year when Ganpati is about to come, there is some unique ambiance and excitement in and around us. Everybody is so damn excited to bring Ganpati at their homes, celebrate Ganeshotsav with great enthusiasm. Kids are helping their parents in decorations and preparing sweets and delicacies for devoting it to Lord Ganesha, grandmothers busy reciting stories of Ganpati to the kids to make them know about his wisdom and strength, youngsters preparing their dance performances to groove to the rhythm of “Ganpati Bappa Maurya”.

With such a level of eagerness, we often get confused about how to handle the decorations stuff to make it look classy and elegant and also in the budget at the same time! We somehow end up finding solutions that are not feasible and in the end, it gets messed up.

To help you with this, we are hereby trying to provide you with some creative ideas for Ganpati Decoration at home to welcome him with an open heart and beautiful decorations so that Ganpati showers his blessings on you forever and ever!!

  • Ladies Wardrobe at work: Sometimes we don’t even realize that our old dupattas and sarees can help us create an amazing background to decorate the walls and make it appealing. Get back to work and find out the best drapes you can use for decorating your dream mandap for Ganpati!
Ganpati decoration with Drapes and Dupatta
  • Flowers are a real treasure: So everybody knows that flowers are very close to heart for all the deities and hence there is no better option than it to decorate the temple or we should say, “ Ganpati House”.
Ganpati Decoration with Flowers
  • Using Colored and printed papers: It may sound a cliche idea to you but it is a highly innovative way to express your creativity at its best and make the ambiance look so elegant with paper made flowers and props!
Ganpati Decoration with Papers and Quillings
  • Use colors and Paints: what could be better than a handmade rangoli for welcoming your and our very own Ganpati Bappa to the house!
Ganpati Decoration with colors and Rangoli
  • Light it Up: There is no second thought over the fact that lights can actually brighten up the atmosphere as well as the faces of the people and therefore we can make the best use of them to enlighten our souls with the arrival of Lord Ganesha!
Ganpati Decoration with Lightings
  • Green & Clean: One easy and simple method to promote Green India, Clean India initiative is to make use of leaves and flowers to decorate the house of Ganpati and make him happier even more!
Ganpati Decoration with green leaves and flowers
  • Fill in your love with Balloons: Balloons are favorite of all the kids and kids are favorite of our Ganpati Bappa and this could be a well-thought plan to impress Bappa with our decorations using colorful and different shaped balloons!
Ganpati decorations with balloons
  • Light it up with Diyas and Candles: There is no better alternative than Diyas and Candles to enlighten the room for our beloved Ganpati and help him find a better place to relax!
Ganpati decorations with Candles and Diyas

Hopefully, these innovative ideas for Ganpati decoration in 2020 will help you to create something eternal and beautiful to welcome Ganpati Bappa in a unique way!

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    Ganpati Bappa Maurya

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