Fashion Trends Holi 2021

Festive Makeup Ideas 2021

The festive season is right here to flaunt your looks. Worried about how to keep your makeup trendy and attractive? We have brought to you the most essential ideas so that you can flawlessly dress up and wear classic makeup this festive season!

1) Heavy earrings work well
If you can carry heavy earrings easily, go for them as they are the best substitute for a bold makeup. Don’t worry about your hair at all!

2) Match eyeshadow with nail paint
For those who don’t like deciding the shades, just go with the flow. Whether you like a matte finish or not, simply coordinate with the nail color.

3) Keep eyes shimmery
A little shimmer never hurts. Let your eyes do the talking and add glam to your face.

4) Contrast nude shades too
Nude shades are quite popular these days. If you wish to try them, the festive season is the best opportunity.

5) Contouring is a must
To enhance your look, even more, go with contouring first. Remove all blemishes for a flawless look.

6) Pink color suits all
This idea will help you decide your dress as well. Easy, right? Pick up a pink outfit and the makeup alike.

7) New brides should add glow
If you got married recently, the festivals increase expectations. Go for the most sequined outfits and keep your makeup dark.

8) Go for the trendy no-makeup look
Good news for the lazy ladies! Don’t wish to pep up much? No worries! Sport a clear look and rock the festivities.

9) Keep it light with heavy jewelry
Whether you wear Indian or Western, don’t overdo anything. Do light makeup with heavy jewelry and vice versa.

10) Use smudge-free products
Festivals are a grand occasion and you can’t afford even a slight shade of smudge. So, choose your products accordingly.

11) Don’t ignore the base: foundation
Simply applying makeup is an easy option. If you don’t like to apply the base coat, use powder foundation.

12) Touch up is a necessity
Have adequate cosmetics in your bag as you never know when you might need them. Multi-colored options can help.

13) Glitter all around
For your eyes, glitter eyeliners can prove to be a boon. Silver and gold are the best options but can experiment as well.

14) Take inspiration from celebs
The Bollywood festive fashion has a lot to inspire. Choose the look which you like the most and just go with it.

15) Rock any look
Irrespective of what you wear, confidence is compulsory. Do not fuss about last day’s appearance and focus on the festivities. It is a good time to create a collection of photographs and memories. Happy festive season to one and all!