CSR Activities: Royal Pepper Banquets


CSR refers to corporate social responsibility, a kind of initiative undertaken by companies and organizations to take responsibility for the impacts on social welfare and environmental balance. It was made mandatory by our Indian government for every company to take out some share out of their profits and invest in social activities. This initiative is actually very helpful to take a step forward in the direction of bringing about a positive impact and change in society.

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This initiative is certainly going to have a very positive impact on the environment and serving humanity to the best of our ability. At Royal Pepper Banquets, which is one of the most promising and best banquets in North Delhi, our team is doing great efforts to implement these CSR activities. One of the Royal Peppers Banquets’ CSR activities is the installation of ETP plants ( Effluent Treatment Plant).

Its aim is to recycle the effluents to be used for the purpose of gardening and non-domestic usage.

The next activity performed by our team was the installation of Compost Machines.
The installation of these compost machines in our banquet halls in Peeragarhi, Wazirpur, and Rohini will help us create waste management systems to dispose of and process biodegradable waste that is created in the units. This would eliminate the need to use fertilizers and promote organic manure usage in growing crops, this organic manure can be generated from waste.

Conducting corporate social responsibility activities not only motivates the employees who work in a company or organization but also offers all citizens a sense of responsibility to pay attention to our very own planet Earth. This change is the need, as we see in our daily lives, of the dangerous effects of increased pollution and the disappearance of resources to meet the needs of the growing population.

One such activity we carry out at Royal Pepper Banquets is to Install Rainwater Harvesting Systems to ensure that we make the most of every drop of valuable water. To refill freshwater as groundwater, groundwater collection systems are a good alternative.

As we know, even after sufficient rainfall on the surface of the Earth, there is still a shortage of fresh drinkable water due to the salt content of ocean waters. Groundwater stored with these rainwater harvesting systems can be used for a variety of purposes, such as washing clothes and utensils, irrigation systems and can be easily filtered for drinking purposes.

We at Royal Pepper Banquets realize our responsibility as a citizen of India and moreover a part of this amazing world and to contribute our efforts for a better society and eco-friendly environment, we are taking part in CSR activities.

Even though this is made mandatory by our government of India, but we think it is more of a duty and a return gift to nature as a token of gratitude for whatever it does for us.

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We are trying our level best to implement these CSR Activities wholeheartedly and contributing to the betterment of the country and our society.