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Be Your own Wedding Planner in 4 simple steps

What comes in your mind when I say wedding, it would be dance, music, gowns , lehengas , the delicious food we have in Indian wedding is lip smacking, the décor – the chandlers, the family get together, the groom side, the bride side and many more.

But I am a bit different and I think on the other side of these marriages , As when I think about marriage I think of expense , I think of mismanagement people have on there wedding. The amount of expenditure is done on Indian Weddings is massive. Because I am a perfectionist and I like things to be organized and in a proper manner. It may be simple but it should be well managed. That is why the demand of wedding planners has gone up. Wedding Planner will charge you lakhs and thousand and still don’t deliver exactly what you want on your dream day.

So, why not we ourselves, be our own wedding planner? Here’s my quick tips how you can be your own wedding planner and what you should keep in mind while planning your own wedding-

Make a plan-

First step is to plan your things out without planning you can make things as you want, they can get messed up, and then on the final day you wont want things to fail. As it is said by many ‘planning to fail is failing to plan’. Without a plan we cannot succeed in anything whether it is a marriage or business, this rules apply everywhere.

Set a budget-

Setting a budget is the first step of planning as without setting a budget you cant make things work you need to make a checklist and write the maximum amount you will spending on each and every expense. Like you want to spend only 1-2 lakh on catering you write in your checklist like – ‘expense on food – 1-2 lakhs only’, make this list for every expense and don’t exceed beyond that budget , you may have to bargain , visit many merchants to get the best deal. It may look very tiring initially, but in the end it will be worthful that you didn’t spent money worthlessly.

Delegation of work-

As we all have our cousins , family’s and friends with us to help us every time . We can take help from them , ask them and delegate the work to everybody , Delegating small parts of work will make no pressure on anybody. As obviously one person cant do all the work or it cant be expected for one person that they’ll be perfect in everything, so to have minimal mistake one should delegate the work between there family members and close ones. And One should Delegate more work to young generation as they’ll be fast and they’ll be aware about the new themes and trends going in the market.

Time Management-

Time Management is everything while you’re managing or organizing an event weather its a marriage or birthday. Time is the key to success of your result. So one should keep time aspect in there mind, and do everything on time. And also you can make a checklist on what time you are going to do the particular thing. And set a limit of time till when the work has to get completed.