Best Banquet halls in Delhi

Welcome to the city of Delhi, a place that has many stories up to its sleeves and a place that is filled with diversity and love. Delhi is a great place if you’re planning to have a wedding function, a birthday party, or just want to meet with your loved ones and give them a good time. Delhi is known for offering loud and great to its guests and a banquet is no different. The city has some of the most unique and vibrant Banquet halls in Delhi that are sure to enhance your function.

List Of Top Banquet Halls in Delhi 

Here we have curated the best eight Banquets that are available in Delhi. These banquets are great at offering facilities that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. So buckle up and check these luxury Best Banquet Halls In Delhi given below.

1. Royal Pepper Banquets: Peeragarhi

Royal pepper Banquet hall Peeragarhi

The first banquet in banquets In Delhi our list is Royal Pepper Banquets Peeragarhi. Just a first glance at this place and you’ll be amazed at the architecture. The front of this banquet looks like an ancient Greek temple. Move inside and you’ll be amazed by this banquet's grandeur and facilities. The banquet offers great food and great management.

Location:  E-1, Delhi - Rohtak Rd, near Peeragarhi metro, Udyog Nagar, industrial area, New Delhi 110041

Guest Capacity: 100 to 2000 guests

Contact: 08882500400

Google Rating: 4.7

2. Royal Pepper Banquets (Tulip): Wazirpur

Royal Pepper Banquets (Tulip): Wazirpur

 The next banquet hall in Delhi on our list is Royal Pepper Banquets Tulip Wazirpur. Banquet halls in Delhi This place may look a bit small at first glance but move inside and you’ll be greeted with a great and wide atmosphere. The banquet like the previous one doesn’t fall short regarding the facilities it provides. From comfortable sitting to great lightning, this banquet has it all. The a is great we have different types of themes and they can be customized by personal preference. This banquet is truly one of the best places to have your party in Delhi.

Location: B-70, Wazirpur Industrial Area Road, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi, 110052

Contact: 08882500400

Guest Capacity: 100 to 1,500 

Google Ratings: 4.5

3. Royal Pepper Banquets: Sector 3, Rohini

Royal Pepper Banquets: Rohini Sector 3

Another banquet in our list of best banquet Halls In Delhi is Royal Pepper Banquets Hall Rohini this one is for those who care for wide spaces. This banquet can be utilized for functions that require big spaces and have a large number of guests in it. This is particularly great for children’s functions as the list of guests is quite big at these functions. With good room for decoration, you can give this place any look that you desire be it a king's palace or something funky for the new year’s celebration. The building of this banquet allows for various customization options easily.

Location: Community Centre, Rohini Sec 3, Near JIMS College and, HP Petrol Pump, New Delhi, Delhi 110085

Guest Capacity: 100 to 1,200

Contact: 08882500400

Google Ratings: 4.5

4. Royal Pepper Banquets (Krish): Wazirpur

Royal Pepper Banquets (Krish): Wazirpur

This one’s for grand fun ones that require the best of the best. This place is for those grand functions that you want to become the talk of the town. The functions that require the biggest dance floor, the biggest catering, the loudest music, and the best decoration possible in the history of the banquet! This is truly the pinnacle of the banquet. This banquet is for those not shy of partying hard and wanting to make their function memorable. This is another great banquet in our list of the best top Wedding halls In Delhi.

Location: C-94, Ring Road, East Shalimar Bagh, Wazirpur, Delhi- 110052

Guest Capacity: 100 to 1,700

Contact: 08882500400

Google Ratings: 4.5

5. Royal Pepper Banquets: Rohini Sector 10

Royal Pepper Banquets: Rohini Sector 10

Another banquet on the list, this one has a grand entry with great art on the walls. Like the previous ones, This banquet is too very spacious and has a great option to customize the seating where the couples or the main guest sit easily and get the royal treatment they deserve! This banquet is great for functions like pre-wedding parties Mehendi Functions or some professional conferences. In our list of best banquet halls In Delhi, this one is quite popular.

Location: D-Mall, 2nd Floor, Sector 10, Near Rohini West Metro Station, Pillar No. 434, Rohini, Delhi, 110085

Contact: 0888250040014

Guest Capacity: 100 to 1,500

Google Ratings: 4.7

6. The Maidens Crown Banquet: Peeragarhi

The Maidens Crown Banquet: Peeragarhi

This one is the ultimate experience in the best 8 Wedding Venues in Delhi that can be offered by any banquet. This is for those who are not afraid to go big and royal. Here, you can easily organize hundreds of people and give them the experience of a lifetime. With huge alleys to welcome the guest to extreme varieties of delicious food catered to your taste sensibilities made by a chief from abroad, the Maidens Crown is true to its name. The banquet has three floors and all of them can be utilized for any big event. The banquet is near the Peera Garhi Metro so the transportation of guests is also not an issue here.

Location: B-1 Near PeeraGarhi Metro Station Peeragarhi, Udyog Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110041

Contact: 08882500400

Guest Capacity: 100 to 2000

Google Ratings: 4.7

7. God Grace Banquet Royal Peppers

God Grace Banquet Royal Peppers banquet halls in delhi

God Grace Banquet hall is a luxurious banquet hall located in Rohini, Delhi. It is a popular venue for weddings, parties, wedding ceremonies, and other special occasions. This one is suitable for both small & large gatherings functions and can easily accommodate 100-1,200 people. Here also you'll find great facilities and great infrastructure straight out of the medieval Roman empire! god grace also has all the necessary amenities including air conditioning, catering plenty of parking, and many more.

Location: 292, Sir Chotu Ram Marg, Sector 3, Pocket 31, Sector Rohini, Delhi, 110085

Contact: 08882500400

Guest Capacity: 100 to 1,200

Google Ratings: 4.5

8. Precious Forever Banquet

Precious Forever Banquet halls in delhi

The last banquet on our list, this one is truly precious. Just a single glance and anyone would be in awe of the grandeur of this banquet. Precious Forever is a great option for outdoor functions. Be it a birthday party or a wedding anniversary, if anyone desires an outdoor function then Precious Forever Wedding Hall is there to fulfill the need. On the front, you get a great fountain which adds more aesthetics to the place and can be used as a backdrop for setting up a bar nearby. The bar facility near the fountain is unique in this list of Top banquet halls In Delhi.

Location: D-9, Rohtak Rd, Udyog Nagar, Mangolpuri, Delhi, 110041

Contact No. 08882500400

Guest Capacity: 100 to 2000

Google Ratings: 4.7

Events You Can Host At These Banquet Halls In Delhi

As mentioned above banquet halls in Delhi have established themselves as a prime venue for unforgettable events. But beyond the size and incredible atmosphere, there’s amazing versatility. This blog features the countless types of events you can host at these wedding venues making it a one-stop solution for all your celebration needs.

Wedding: Your wedding day is their priority. Their dedicated staff handles everything from booking a venue to ensuring events run smoothly. Knowing that everything is within reach allows you to relax and enjoy every moment. So, if you’re dreaming of magical and simple parts of the perfect wedding, look no further these Banquet hall in Delhi & their top-notch service and dedication to creating unforgettable experiences will make your wedding day unforgettable.

Engagement: Your Engagement is a milestone that deserves to be celebrated in style. these venues for engagement can provide a magical evening that reflects your love story and sets the perfect tone for your happiness.

Pre-Wedding Ceremonies: These 8 top luxury wedding venues in Delhi are a fantastic choice for hosting any of your pre-wedding ceremonies, with their elegant and versatile event spaces catering to a variety of celebrations like haldi ceremony, sangeet, mehndi ceremony, etc. These wedding venues also offer special packages for pre-wedding ceremonies, which typically include venue hire, catering, decorations entertainment options, and many more.

Birthday parties: With its stunning ambiance, flexible spaces, and impeccable service, these Banquets can transform your birthday party celebration into an unforgettable event that your guests will be talking about for years to come. So, go ahead and make your birthday wish come true. 

Mata Ki Chowk: A devotional gathering to worship the divine lady through song, prayer, and dance, Mata Ki Chowki deserves a setting that reflects its spiritual essence and festive spirit these Banquets in Delhi emerge as a prime destination for your Mata Ki Chowki event If you are looking for beautiful, well-decorated banquet halls in Delhi for your Mata Ki Chowki or any other religious event, these banquets s the perfect for you.

What is The Price Range Of These Banquet Halls In Delhi?

  • Price range: Prices depend on the function and banquet halls that you will select for your function because all of these banquet halls have different prices. For more information, you can call this number: 08882500400
  • Day and time: Weekend evenings and peak wedding times will be more expensive than weekday or off-season dates.
  • Number of guests: The price per person generally decreases as the number of guests increases.
  • Menu: The type of food and number of classes you choose will affect the overall cost.

What you get for your money

If you book These Wedding Venues, you can get several services including an air-conditioned banquet hall, stage and dance floor, Food, Basic preparation, furniture and tableware, and Staff to assist with organization and cleanup

You can also add additional services: DJ and music, photography and videography, ornamental inserts, theme lighting, special entries for bride & groom, Anchor, and many more.

These Banquet Halls In Delhi Are Suitable For Small and Large Gatherings?

When it comes to hosting memorable events, these wedding Venues play an important role in setting the tone of the event. These banquet halls in Delhi stand out as the ideal venue for events large and small, these venues offer perfect facilities, amenities, and impeccable service. Whether you’re planning a small birthday party & pre-wedding ceremony for a 100-person gathering & 2000 People large gathering for events like Weddings, Reception parties, engagement parties & mata ka Jagran, etc. these luxury party venues have the space and flexibility to make your event a success.


So that was the list of the top 8 best banquet halls in Delhi. Each one has something special in it and what your requirements are, they help in selecting the suitable place. These banquets with the facilities and infrastructure they provide, can't be easily ignored and should not be ignored as they are a class apart compared to other options available in the city. So be sure to check them out for your next big function! 

Frequently asked questions

How do I book this banquet hall?

To book these banquet halls, you have to pre-book in advance, and for complete details, you may call this number: 08882500400, or whichever banquet hall you prefer, whose address is mentioned in our blog and then you can book banquet halls by visiting there and book according to your wish.

Benefits of hosting events in these banquet halls

These banquet halls offer a range of benefits that make them an ideal choice for hosting various events. One of the key advantages is the ample space they provide, allowing you to accommodate a large number of guests comfortably.

Do all these banquet halls provide decor and catering facilities?

Yes, all these banquet halls provide beautiful decorations & top-notch catering facilities

Are both vegetarian or non-vegetarian food available in these banquet halls?

No, only vegetarian food is available in these banquet halls.

Can i customize the decoration in this banquet halls?

Yes, we have In house Event team you can customize your decoration according to your choice for birthdays, baby showers, weddings, anniversaries, etc.

Is there any hidden or additional charges in these banquet halls?

There is no hidden or additional charges in these banquet halls