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Are you ready to get married?

are you ready to get married

To get married is not just a matter of some days or years, it’s a commitment for the rest of your life. Your decision to get married must not be made under some peer pressure, or family pressure or even your partner who is forcing you to marry. You need to figure out your own self and look for the signs that signify that you are absolutely ready to take charge of a huge responsibility of being married.  Let’s help you out to know whether or not are you comfortable enough with a new relationship of marriage:

1. You realize your responsibilities:

You must know that marriage is a big kind of responsibility and in case you are not even ready to take your own responsibility, it would be tough to manage others. So you need to be mature and well settled before getting married.

2. You are pretty sure about your partner

In case you are still having any second thoughts about your partner, you need to re-think your relationship. There is no hurry and hassle, take your time and if you have finally found your soulmate, get ready to tie the knots.

3. You are ready to share

Marriage is not just about sharing your closet and bedroom, it’s about sharing your entire life with someone, and for that you need to be very comfortable with your partner. You must be ready to face all the challenges coming along your way.

4. You plan together

When you are married, your every decision must include the consent of your partner when you both start planning together for the future endeavors, you are growing in your relationship and that signifies that you seem to be ready.

5. Patience and trust are must:

You never know when time Hits you hard and you have to begin from the beginning, during that downtime, you need to trust your partner and have patience in order to stand again with even greater impact.

6. You respect each other’s privacy 

Sharing is fine but everyone needs their personal space and this privacy must be given by each partner to the other. If you are very possessive, you need to change your way of thinking and understand the importance of true love.

7. You seek solutions and not discuss the problems

Everybody in this world face problems some or the other time and the conflicts need to be resolved and not discussed, the sooner you realize this, the more you will be sorted.

8. Your family and friends approve of your relationship

When you’re newly in love, you might feel like nothing else matters. Once you’re committed, you realize that everything matters. You can always convince your friends and family about your love and partner but make sure you don’t end up hurting them to find your happiness because it won’t last in the long run.

9. You grow together and you laugh together

The best relationship is the one which helps you to discover the best about yourself and let you grow. While sharing your laughs and sorrows, it’s essential that you grow together.

Take your time and then decide because wedding is not just a ceremony with fun, enjoyment, pictures and food, it’s a promise to be together for the entire lifetime. 

All the best!!